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Beautiful art in our banner and buttons by Lhuin@deviantArt; used permission

He had learned well the law of club and fang, and he never forewent an advantage or drew back from a foe he had started on the way to Death. He had lessoned from Spitz, and from the chief fighting dogs of the police and mail, and knew there was no middle course. He must master or be mastered; while to show mercy was a weakness. mercy did not exist in the primordial life. It was misunderstood for fear, and such misunderstandings made for death. Kill or be killed, eat or be eaten, was the law; and this mandate, down out of the depths of Time, he obeyed.

- Jack London, The Call of The Wild

Club and Fang lists active, animal focused roleplay forums, including: canine, feline, equine, shape-shifter, fantasy creature, and furry/anthro. Fandom forums are also accepted so long as they focus on animal characters (such as Warriors). We reset every month to ensure dead sites don't sit up top on the rankings. Spam, unrelated sites, adult content, and those using a script to bot views will be removed without warning.

Do not forget to link back to us from somewhere on your forum or you will not be able to accumulate votes. Once you have submitted your site, you will receive instructions.

Happy hunting!

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Site Of the Moment:

Lies in the Low

A literate semi-AU Warrior cats roleplay site with a 200 word minimum. LitL features a sandbox play style, a stat system for character development, and staff-run NPC accounts for events and encounters.

Rank Site In Out
26 Odyssey
0 0
“A dark plague began to threaten our leader’s psyche, developing a sickness that left him too weak to cater his us & the promise lands. While our people were in a state of panic, no one caught wind of the great doom that lay hidden in the shadows wait
27 Mad'ouk
0 0

Follow the journey of four packs of dogs struggling to make a life for themselves in the city of Kah'ren. We are a friendly, welcoming community!
28 Crocuta Crocuta
0 2

Semi-realistic Hyena-Centric RP. LGBT+ and Artist friendly. 50+ species, lax breeding rules, no character limit & plot driven.
0 0
SIRIUS accepts all forms of RP using a "Choose your Story" game element to spice things up. What will be your fate of the dice?
0 0
A semi-natural wild horse roleplay! Set on an island constantly at war. Join a kingdom and work towards gaining an empire, or one of the many factions looking to see the end of their tyranny.
31 overflow
0 3

Settled across a national park in the States, two clans, FernClan and AshClan, have fought for generations over the ever shifting borders that come with the lakes. Greenleaf is prosperous, leafbare is harsh, and the presence of tourists are constantly hov
32 canine redemption
0 0

brand new canine rp
33 Warriors of the Clans
0 0

WotC is a no-WC, semi-literate warrior cats roleplay set in a unique group of Clans coming to fruition. Who will be your friends, who will be your enemies, and most importantly- who will survive to become the true Warriors of the Clans?
34 Look to the Stars
0 2

We are an intermediate+ fantasy equine roleplay. Come explore the land of Elysium with your fellow equines! Take part in site plots and member quests to advance your character's story.
35 Ferals
0 0

brand new feral canine rp set in the modern world.
36 Sparkledog Nation
0 0

Sparkledog is a semi-fantasy multi-animal roleplaying experience for authors of all skill levels to interact and weave intricate stories together.
37 Adrift
0 6

Adrift is a semi-realistic, all-canine RP site set primarily in the Bermuda Triangle; the site is heavily plot-driven. Contact Bork @ Chatango for more info.
38 Blazing Tails of Grief and Fortune
0 0
Where you help the Warriors universe come to life by creating and roleplaying cats and participating in monthly plots. Continue the fortune and grief of a brave warrior's world here at Blazing Tails.
39 Red Rain
0 1

brand new feral canine rpg. come check us out
40 Bulletproof
0 1

brand new feral canine rpg
41 Clash!
0 1

The disease that wiped the earth of mankind has returned, and it's starting to change its hosts somehow. Reports of unearthly powers are arising all over Toren while more and more become infected.
42 Maple Paws
0 0
Wild and crazy fun! Join us now!
0 0

A semi-realistic wild canine & feline roleplay. Based among the Traum Islands, open plot site!
44 Forest of Four
0 0
An Original Forest Warrior's RP. After a devastating leafbare, the four clans are rebuilding their lives.
45 Shelter
0 1

A semi-realistic wild animal roleplay set in the world of the Shelter games.
46 Way of the Clans
0 0

An AU, traditional Warrior Cats RP taking place in the forest territories. We're a relaxed, plot driven RP. We have fun fluffy threads on the side, but there's always action and drama happening. Welcoming to newbies and oldies to the fandom!
47 Atrophia
0 1

A semi-realistic canine survival site with an emphasis on character development and based around a rampant virus and lack of resources as the plot driving point.
48 Floating Above Clouds
0 0

Fly on the adventure of the world of all the Warriors Clans, ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, and SkyClan. We welcome all members to our new forum, if you need any help ask any staff.
49 Age Of The Wolves
0 1

Started in Dec 2012, Age Of The Wolves is a semi-realistic wolf RP. Come join our ranks, start a family, choose a side, and do what your heart desires. We are looking for literate writers who love wolves as much as we do!
50 Chasing the Sun
0 2

chasing the sun offers a unique, fun and above all community-driven warriors' experience, set before skyclan left the original forest.

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