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Welcome to Club and Fang's Top 100 Animal RP Forums

Beautiful art in our banner and buttons by Lhuin@deviantArt; used permission

He had learned well the law of club and fang, and he never forewent an advantage or drew back from a foe he had started on the way to Death. He had lessoned from Spitz, and from the chief fighting dogs of the police and mail, and knew there was no middle course. He must master or be mastered; while to show mercy was a weakness. mercy did not exist in the primordial life. It was misunderstood for fear, and such misunderstandings made for death. Kill or be killed, eat or be eaten, was the law; and this mandate, down out of the depths of Time, he obeyed.

- Jack London, The Call of The Wild

Club and Fang lists active, animal focused roleplay forums, including: canine, feline, equine, shape-shifter, fantasy creature, and furry/anthro. Fandom forums are also accepted so long as they focus on animal characters (such as Warriors). We reset every month to ensure dead sites don't sit up top on the rankings. Spam, unrelated sites, adult content, and those using a script to bot views will be removed without warning.

Do not forget to link back to us from somewhere on your forum or you will not be able to accumulate votes. Once you have submitted your site, you will receive instructions.

Happy hunting!

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Site Of the Moment:


Doutaini is a semi-realistic elemental wolf rp that has many packs, deep lore, advanced story and 7 sentance minimum for posting. Alive for 8+ years with a positive and accepting member base.

Rank Site In Out
1 Infidelis
30 10

Four gangs inhabit the city...their goal? To survive. Infidelis is a unique stray dog roleplay set in a fictional city. We are a friendly community inviting you to join us!
2 Lies in the Low
15 4

A literate semi-AU Warrior cats roleplay site with a 200 word minimum. LitL features a sandbox play style, a stat system for character development, and staff-run NPC accounts for events and encounters.
3 The Apostles
11 14

The Apostles is a warrior cats roleplay based in northern Wisconsin. We boast a highly developed lore, which features three original clans, a tribe, and an extensive site-wide plot. We also have a relaxed and fun environment.
4 Yavania
4 2

We are a magical animal roleplay, with over 15 free-to-play species, a unique magic system, free-form clan creation, lots of buy-ables, plenty of IC and OC events, and a welcoming community!
4 4

Welcome to UPROAR! We are a semi-literate Warriors RP and can't wait for you to join us! We offer incentives as you rank up not only in our discord, but on site as well! We are currently looking to fill Staff & High Ranks, so don't be shy!
6 The Cursed Era
3 2

TCE is a non-canon warriors roleplay with its own clan, lore, and setting. It currently follows Treeclan: a clan divided by its own bloodlines and prejudices. Will you play a mighty Boar, a sleek Bird, or a pitiful Borderline? Will you narrow the division
2 3

(We now have a stat system!) Alternate timeline, multi-species warriors roleplay. Unique dynamics and world-building elements, including new locations. A darker take on the Warriors universe.
8 Follow Your Stars
2 5

Welcome to FYS! We are a semi-literate Warriors RP with a unique geographical location and member driven plot! We would love for you to join us in one of our four unique clans!
9 | Incandescence |
2 1

Where once the lands lay twisted in human desolation, a new order has risen. In the realm of Candenta, wolves reign supreme, but are you prepared to withstand their flame? Open for five years!
10 Starbound Skies
1 2

Shadows haunt the dreams of medicine cats, and an abomination was born within the clans, all portents of terrible things to come.
1 8

a post-apocalyptic warriors roleplay with original clans and a unique setting for writers of all skill levels || open high ranks
12 This Is War
1 0

This Is War is a post disaster canine RP set in Breckenridge, Colorado. The humans have started a civil war and the dogs are caught in the middle of it, fighting for survival. Do you think you can survive?
1 0

A semi-realistic wild canine & feline roleplay. Based among the Traum Islands, open plot site!
14 Cry For The Moon
1 3

Pave your own story as a stray dog living in a vibrant landscape with various places to explore. Join a pack, forge friendships, and elude danger! CFTM is a semi-literate, realistic RP.
15 The DawnRunners Wolfpack
0 0

Established in 2005, we are a RPG pack that uses a chat applet to interact! Recruiting new members and always welcoming new and veteran wolfers! Please use https instead of http for the packsite if it doesn't load properly.
16 Moon And Stars
0 8

We are a all level, non-traditional Warriors role play based off the best selling series by Erin Hunter. Our site features an unlimited amount of characters, a 50 word count minimum, and plots centered around our members. We hope to see join our midst and
17 Extinction
0 0

low word count; easy app; alpha role available
18 Opulence
0 0

A semi-realistic wild canine roleplay. We are intermediate to advanced roleplayers in a mature and relaxed community. Check us out and help us create something amazing and something treacherous.
19 The Land of Warm Mists
0 3

The Land of Warm Mists is a new, active Warriors-based rpg, with four original, all-new clans to join and explore.
20 Twisted End
0 1

Twisted End is a literate wolf RPG. Twisted End is full of magic and intense plots and stories, from love to war. There are few, laid back rules and an open world to create whatever you desire (as long as it has to do with wolves, of course!).
0 1
SIRIUS accepts all forms of RP using a "Choose your Story" game element to spice things up. What will be your fate of the dice?
22 Werifesteria
0 1

In the world of Werifesteria, the line between right and wrong is blurred. In the vast expanse of this strange land, your decisions decide the outcome as the seasons change, as well as your loyalties.
23 One True Pride
0 1

Brand New! We are a realistic lion RP set in Africa. The lions are protected within a wildlife reserve. High ranks available - member driven site! Come join the fun!
24 Astoalla
0 0

Astoalla is a semi-realistic feline rpg! We focus on a friendly and fair community. We offer a variety of felines to create as well as over 40 places for roleplaying. Come chat with us!
25 Crocuta Crocuta
0 2

Semi-realistic Hyena-Centric RP. LGBT+ and Artist friendly. 50+ species, lax breeding rules, no character limit & plot driven.

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